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Hannibal Lecter is pretty iconic as a character, but just in case, Hannibal's threads may include the following topics:
  • Cannibalism
  • Serial killer related topics (graphic, intense violence)
  • Emotional manipulation (such as gaslighting)
These topics may be referred to without warning, and as such, this is an open line of communication! If you would prefer I not tag you with Hannibal at all, please let me know here. I'll respect any opt-outs because of the nature of Hannibal's character, but it's important that I know! Hannibal delights in cannibalism especially, so if this is a topic you're uncomfortable with, please let me know so I can be aware.

As a subpoint to the above, Hannibal also takes enjoyment in feeding people to other people, and you as a player may not know when eating Hannibal's food if it's human or not depending on the circumstances. If you're generally fine with the above, but would prefer to opt-out of your character being fed people against their knowledge, this is also an opt-out for that portion of Hannibal's character. If you opt out of this, then all the food he'll serve will be exactly what he says.

All comments are screened, and I encourage everyone to be specific with what they are and are not okay with. It helps me make sure that I'm respecting everyone's comfort!

On the flip-side, I'm also absolutely open to establishing some CR with Hannibal as a part of a shared history! For the sake of ease, I'd prefer any relationships to be acquaintance-level, but if you'd like to skip the awkward hellos, they can absolutely have met before! Hannibal is most likely to have interacted with Leithian or Qreshi characters, and if your character is in a higher social circle, they're very likely to know who he is, and may have been treated by him before. But even if your character doesn't fit in those social circles, if you see a way that a character can fit into his history (see his au cheatsheet or application), I'm open to talking it out!

As mentioned for part one there, comments are screened since I can't be selective with that setting, but I'll unscreen all comments for this portion of the permissions. Hit me up for establishing CR!
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How's My Driving?
Do you have feedback or critique on how I play Hannibal? This is the place to give it! Also if you could provide links to examples with any critique, that would be excellent, since it'll help me identify (and improve!) the issue.
If you'd like to talk in slightly easier but still private way, you can send a PM!
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week one

with will"I remember falling. The sensation of seconds being drawn out into minutes as you await the inevitable. But I do not remember when it comes. Only a continuation of the fall until I land comfortably, here."

deputy post"I've had people asking me for assistance with disposing of corpses before, but having a request for them to be desecrated as well is new. It's surprisingly direct."

with will"The unfortunate side-effect of safety is that it's inherently boring. I'd rather dance with risk. Maybe even on a cliff."

with elizabeth"I do not think we need to accept it. Accepting it would only make us sheep complicit with a slaughter."

with xion"Then let us start at the most basic. Part of therapy is also learning to talk about them. It does not come easily to anyone."

with chane"And on an unrelated note, congratulations. I was wondering based on your last names, but hearing his... expression yesterday, I suppose there's little doubt."

with percy"If the selfish man wins the game, then he will only continue to be selfish. However. Removal is a task that seems well-defined. It will end up here."

week two

deputy post"I hope this at least disheartens people from burying the dead, since digging them up again sounds rather tiresome."

with sei"I will answer any questions you may have. Like I said, psychiatry is my primary practice, so maladies of the mind are what I know quite well..."

with will and xion"But, in short, that's why Will is here. He knows me well, and he wouldn't rest easy if he weren't here. "

week three

deputy post"I may as well. There are two people I'm rather interested to see how they react in the face of what the town offers."

with rikukill log

with will"Audentes Fortuna iuvat. I took a risk, but coincidence seemed to favor my hand. "

with sei"...And if we do not? What would you do?"

with xion"That is what it means to live. If only it were always so easy as those brightest moments. Unfortunately, the darkest must come hand in hand."

with ash"We very often do. Humanity is never content to rest on its laurels, and that is both our greatest asset and our fatal flaw."

with natalie"My inclination to offer therapeutic solutions is a difficult habit for me to break, if it can be called a habit at all. "

with percy"It does sound like participation would be rewarded. But participation could have grave consequences."

week four

deputy post"I suppose I will look. But if I find them, I can't guarantee that I will do anything. I would much rather they come and find me. "

with percy"I wonder— Do you think that my surgeries might count as "merit"? "

with natalie"You can speak about what you saw if you'd like. But what does your mind return to?"

with xion"And most people are nicer than Will. We can hardly control who captures our interest and affection."

with the sheriff"I was told the names of some of the other roles, rather coincidentally. I'd like to know what they're meant to do."

with xion"But I hope you understand. I don't want to have to look at you and realize that I can't save you."

with percy"Unfortunately, "monster" isn't a very professional diagnosis."

with chane + will (+ lust)"We'll work quickly to minimize the smell of blood. Did you have a destination in mind for the remains?"

with percy + will"All the more reason to end this, at least for our own selfish reasons."

with chane"How do you find the trials when you're guilty, by the way? Is it thrilling or nerve-wracking?"

week five

deputy post"Actually, I was wanting it to remain closed. I assume they'll find her later if they continue to be so persistent. I was thinking the mortician, considering it's already quite full. "

with will and sara"I hope you enjoy it, Sara. It's always a pleasure to have friends for dinner."

with will, chane, and clairefelix"It's a surprising, staggering death, but I'm inclined to agree. It's why I opted for venison over anything else. It seemed fitting."

with will"Just as the worshiper feels close to Christ in the Eucharist. I would eat in memory of you."

week six

deputy post"Thank you for the warning, by the way. I expect that it will make this week quite exciting. "

with percy"It's quite rare. Most tend to lose their manners in the face of being deceived. Though I cannot fault them for it entirely."

with natalie (kill log) — "I had a feeling it would be you, Natalie."

with will"Let your mind wade into the waters of your consciousness and drift away with the current. I will watch and wait on the shore, as I always do. As I always have.."

week seven

letter from milla

letter from xion"In another telling of this tale where events were oriented only slightly differently, perhaps you may have been like a daughter to me. But in this one, you can never be."

letter from natalie"Regardless, it would have been quite interesting if our positions were reversed.Though as I understand it, I made a far better doctor than you."

misc/various weeks

list of people cannibalized

week six letters
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