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Hannibal Lecter is pretty iconic as a character, but just in case, Hannibal's threads may include the following topics:
  • Cannibalism
  • Serial killer related topics (graphic, intense violence)
  • Emotional manipulation (such as gaslighting)
These topics may be referred to without warning, and as such, this is an open line of communication! If you would prefer I not tag you with Hannibal at all, please let me know here. I'll respect any opt-outs because of the nature of Hannibal's character, but it's important that I know! Hannibal delights in cannibalism especially, so if this is a topic you're uncomfortable with, please let me know so I can be aware.

As a subpoint to the above, Hannibal also takes enjoyment in feeding people to other people, and you as a player may not know when eating Hannibal's food if it's human or not depending on the circumstances. If you're generally fine with the above, but would prefer to opt-out of your character being fed people against their knowledge, this is also an opt-out for that portion of Hannibal's character. If you opt out of this, then all the food he'll serve will be exactly what he says.

All comments are screened, and I encourage everyone to be specific with what they are and are not okay with. It helps me make sure that I'm respecting everyone's comfort!

On the flip-side, I'm also absolutely open to establishing some CR with Hannibal as a part of a shared history! For the sake of ease, I'd prefer any relationships to be acquaintance-level, but if you'd like to skip the awkward hellos, they can absolutely have met before! Hannibal is most likely to have interacted with Leithian or Qreshi characters, and if your character is in a higher social circle, they're very likely to know who he is, and may have been treated by him before. But even if your character doesn't fit in those social circles, if you see a way that a character can fit into his history (see his au cheatsheet or application), I'm open to talking it out!

As mentioned for part one there, comments are screened since I can't be selective with that setting, but I'll unscreen all comments for this portion of the permissions. Hit me up for establishing CR!


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